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Cloud Security Statement

How We Keep Your Data Safe

Redmoon Software uses SSL-encrypted connections by default — the same level of security used by online banks. we never send or receive sensitive information in plain text. 


Data Storage

Redmoon uses Google App Engine which has a 99.95% uptime. App Engine is designed in such a way that it can sustain multiple data center outages without any downtime. This resilience to downtime is shown by the statistic that the High Replication Datastore saw 0% downtime over a period of a year.


Data Stored

We only store the bare minimum data.  Data stored includes:

  • Atlassian instance identification data (to identify each Jira instance)

  • Each custom field definition

  • The values stored in each custom field


People and Access

Only authorized people on the support team can access Watch It servers and data. The support team accesses the servers to troubleshoot any problems with the application.


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