SUB TASK MANAGER - Release Notes

The following is a list of the different version of Sub Task Manager and what changes were made for this release.

Release 3.0.2 (Jira 7.6+)

French language change and minor bug fix

Release 3.0.1 (Jira 7.6+)

Language and security fixes

Release 3.0.0 (Jira 7.6+)

French translation, page access fixes, security fixes

Release 2.3.2 (Jira 7.6+)

Security Updates

Release 2.3.1 (Jira 7.6+)

Stop timeouts when creating a large number of issues

Release 2.3.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Add options to hide Create and Delete Bulk issue from issue screen

Release 2.2.1

SECURITY UPDATES and minor bug fixes

Release 2.2.0

Cascading templates now work for the creation of unconnected issues

Release 2.1.0

Cascading templates, create Epic issues

Release 2.0.1

Fix bug that can sometimes log you out

Release 2.0.0

If you use the Create Bulk Epic Issues/Liked Issues/Subtasks the actual creation of the issues is performed on the Jira server and an audit of what happens is on the STM Audit page.​

Release 1.5.1

Fix bug in creating/deleting issue from a scrum board

Release 1.5.0

Jira 7.3 & 7.2 compatibility, minor bug fix

Release 1.4.0

Jira 8.4 compatibility and fixed back button not reloading page properly bug

Release 1.3.0

Added the ability to add multiple new template rows at any position

Release 1.2.2

Minor bug fixes

Release 1.2.1

Added example creation on the getting started page.

Release 1.2.0

Data center compatibility, separate access groups for Project Executors, bug fix

Release 1.1.0

Added ability to create large number of issues in order, minor bug fixes

Release 1.0.1

Fixed bug stopping language screen working

Release 1.0.0

Initial Release.

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