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Project Documents for Jira Data Center


Project Documents for Jira allows you to attach documents to a project and optionally view those attachments in all issues. 

Files can also be versioned allowing for one or more versions of the file also to be stored and available for download,  For versioned files, the history of changes can also be examined to find what changes have been made.

There is also a custom field for selecting specific custom fields

New Features:

1. Custom Field that can select a "Project Documents" document from the current project


Project Documents Tab

PD - PD Tab

The Project Documents tab appears in the left-hand menu of the Project Overview section.  The Project Documents tab allows attach documents to a project and to search through all of the attachments in the selected project.  The image below shows an example Project Documents tab with search results showing.

Projhect documents page wth search results

Search Criteria

PD - Tab - Search Criteria
Search critiera for searching project documents

The user can filter the data by:

  • The type of document (Project, Issue or History).  History is old versions of Project Documents (assuming it has been configured to keep old versions)

  • When the document was attached

  • Who attached the document

  • The related Issue (only applies to Issue documents, not Project or History documents

  • The file name.  This is case insensitive and can be just part of the name

  • The file category.  This is only for Project Documents and is one or more words that can be used to group files under a shared category

Attaching a Project Document

PD - Tab - Attach

New Documents can be attached to a project by clicking on the "Attach Project Document" button.  When this button is clicked the following dialog is shown:

Attaching  new Project Document

Multiple files can be uploaded at once by either dragging and dropping the files into the file area (only if your browser supports this feature) or by clicking the "Add Files" button.  An optional Category and Comment can be added and you can specify if the document should be displayed in all Issues (below where Attachments are currently shown).

Search Options

PD - Tab - Search Options
Search Options

The user has the following options for sorting the results of a search.  These options are in either ascending or descending order

  • Category

  • Date Attached

  • Issue

  • Filename

The number of results displayed can be restricted to 20, 50 or 100.

Search Results

PD - Tab - Search Results

The search results provide information on the related Project and/or Issue document as shown below.

Results of a search in Project Documents

The hyperlinked file names can be clicked to download the file and clicking the Issue hyperlinks will navigate you to that Issue.


The Issue details are only shown for Issue documents and the Category and Display In All Issues is only displayed for Project documents.  The Category is meant as a way for categorizing Project Documents for easy sorting and searching.  The Display In All Issues indicates that you wish for details of this documents (including a download hyperlink) to appear in all Issues in this Project (See the Issues section below).


Hovering the mouse over any result row will show the available operations that can be performed on the row.  Issue documents just allow the delete operation and Project documents allow you to update the document, update the details of the document or delete the attachment.

Viewing Project Document History


The history of an existing Project document is viewed by clicking on the clock icon.  This will open the dialog shown below.

PD - Tab - History
History of a project document file

The History dialog shows the current version of the file at the top followed the previous versions.  Depending on the amount of history being kept (if any) the file names will be a blue hyperlinked if that file can be downloaded.  Any changes to the comment, category or Display In All Issues will be shown by changing the color to brown.


If file versioning is not enabled then the history can still be viewed.  All instances of the file name will just be plain text and you will not be able to download the historical file./

Updating a Project Document


An existing Project document can be updated by clicking on the arrow pointing downing into a box icon for that document.  This will open the dialog shown below.

PD - Tab - Update Doc
Updating and replacing a project document file

This dialog allows to replace the related document (Analysis Guidelines.doc in this case) with a new version, the old version will be removed automatically.  You can also update the Category, Display In All Issues and Comment.  Only one file can be selected for the update.

Updating a Project Documents details

Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit the Category, Display In All Issues and Comment for the related Project document.  The dialog is shown below.

PD - Tab - Upd Details
Update the category, display in all issues and comment of a project document

Deleting a Project or Issue Document


To delete either a Project or Issue document click on the trash can icon for the related row.  This will open the dialog below to confirm the deletion. 


If you are Versioning enabled and the Delete Permanently checkbox checked then there will also be a "Delete Permanently" checkbox.  If this is checked then the attachment and all of its history will be deleted (instead of the file being versioned)

PD - Tab - Del
Remove a project document


PD - Issues

Project Documents that have the Display In All Issues flag set as Yes will be displayed in all Issues belonging to that project.  They will appear below where Attachments currently appears.

Project documents showing in an issue

Custom Fields


In issues, you can also have a custom field for choosing a project document.  To use one of these go to the admin tab -> Issues -> "Custom Fields", click to add a new custom field, select Project Document Selector Field, give it a name and select the screens it is on.  

PD - Issues - CF
Custom Field for selecting a Project Document

When creating or editing an issue you can select from a list of all of the current documents (not historical) in the project.  

Example or a Custom Field for a Project Document

The field is displayed in the issue like the one below.  The field will be hyperlinked (to download the file) if there is a file (historical versioned files may not have physical files if a full history is not kept).

Project Document custom field in an issue

If the field is edited and the selected file is now a historical file (when using versioning) then it will be shown separately at the top.  If the field is changed to a current file then it can never be changed back to the historical file as they are not shown in the select menu (except if they are the current one selected)

Inline editing of a Project Document custom field

Administration and Privileges

PD - Admin

The administration screen below allows you to set privileges, specify types of attachments are allowed and not allowed and enabled versioning of documents.

Configuration page for Project Documents

Privileges allow you to specify which user group can see the Project Documents tab (in the Project Overview) and which can attach update and delete attachments.  To allow all users access do not specify any user groups.


File extension filtering allows you to restrict which type of files can be uploaded as Project Documents.  Restrictions are based on the file extension and are specified as an actual extension or as a regular expression.  Comparisons are case insensitive so that all variations of case do not need to be specified.


The Blacklist specifies files extensions you do not want included while Whitelists specify those that are allowed.  You do not need to specify both Blacklists and Whitelists unless you are using wildcards in regular expressions.  For example, if you wanted to only allow jpg and gif images you would just have a Whitelist containing "jpg,gif".  There is no need to specify a Blacklist because the extension must be either jpg or gif.


The File Versioning section allows you to enabled versioning of documents (keep old versions of documents).  You can keep the last version, the last two versions, the last five versions or all versions of the file.  There is also an option to allow users to permanently delete an attachment and all of its history.  This is in the form of a checkbox (unchecked by default) on the delete screen

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