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Release 3.10.2 (Jira 7.6+)

Fixed access bug where defaults for users that shouldn't get them

Release 3.10.1 (Jira 7.6+)

Fix problem where all of the style menus can't be seen for new comments

Release 3.10.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Jira 8.12 compatibility

Release 3.9.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Added the ability to only apply defaults for a particular label

Release 3.8.2 (Jira 7.4+)

Security Fixes

Release 3.8.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix bug where add button was not being enabled

Release 3.8.0 (Jira 7.4+)

The app now works with issueLayout and Rich Filters for Jira Dashboard installed

Release 3.7.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Excluded request participants from Service Desk Portal commenter rename

Release 3.6.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Hide hover text for custom non-reporters name in SD

Release 3.6.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Custom non-reporters name in SD request view and override SD settings in project

Release 3.5.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Added ability to restrict access to project config by user groups

Release 3.4.2 (Jira 7.4+)

Minor bug fix in the admin and project admin pages

Release 3.4.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix bug that wouldn't show defaults for a particular filter navigation route

Release 3.4.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Added support for Service Desk Canned Responses (SD 3.7+)

Release 3.3.4 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed bug where the Assign default in the project config is not being set

Release 3.3.3 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed wrong size for no rich text and coloring bugs

Release 3.3.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix coloring not working when using no default with a previous secure selection

Release 3.3.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Jira 8 Compatibility

Release 3.2.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Data center compatibility and fix for defaults when not being used in a project

Release 3.1.6 (Jira 7.4+)

Security Fix: prevent changes to project defaults from unauthorised users

Release 3.1.5 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix bug when you use an additional per transition default of viewable to all

Release 3.1.4 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed bug with coloring from top comment button and $ error in Agile boards

Release 3.1.3 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed bug that didn't color new comments when user presses m to open new comment

Release 3.1.2 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix default problem where transition sub-defaults are sometimes incorrectly set

Release 3.1.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed grammar for ability to allow only users in group to change security level

Release 3.1.0 (Jira 7.4+)

Add ability to stop users changing security level unless they are in a user group

Release 3.0.2 (Jira 7.4+)

Fix default text renderer layout problems and log work standalone page default

Release 3.0.1 (Jira 7.4+)

Fixed bug when used with Teamlead Helpdesk

Release 3.0.0 (Jira 7.4+)

New implementation.  Defaults can now be groups or roles

Release 2.12.1 (Jira 7.6+)

Fixed default not showing for SD comment when changing from customer to internal

Release 2.12.0 (Jira 7.11+)

Jira 7.11 compatibility

Release 2.11.1 (Jira 7+)

Fixed bug with security in Service Desk Attachments screen

Release 2.11.0 (Jira 7+)

Jira 7.10 compatibility plus a couple of minor bug fixes

Release 2.10.3 (Jira 7+)

Fixed change selection to All Users bug

Release 2.10.2 (Jira 7+)

Fixed add comment default bug

Release 2.10.1 (Jira 7+)

Stopped attach file SD dialog making customer comments marked as internal

Release 2.10.0 (Jira 7+)

For Service Desk we added customer/internal tabs for new comments

Release 2.9.2 (Jira 7+)

Fix email link to add comment failing in IE11

Release 2.9.1 (Jira 7+)

​Issue where multiple consecutive comments (with non-default security) has wrong default

Release 2.9.0 (Jira 7+)

Allow Service Desk to work with SD comment disabled

Release 2.8.1 (Jira 7+)

Fix bug with attachments dialog

Release 2.8.0 (Jira 7+)

​Add defaults for Service Desk Assign dialog, fix Service Desk transition bug where defaulting wouldn't appear if there was multiple textareas (i.e. comment and description) in the transition dialog.

Release 2.7.9 (Jira 7+)

Fixed problem for new comments where padlock icon not always showing correctly

Release 2.7.8 (Jira 7+)

​Plugin now works with security select that appears in SD workflow because of Jira migration Atlassian configuration parameters (it doesn't normally appear). Fix coloring problem in Jira 7.0.4 and 7.1.9 (just for Chrome) that doesn't always correctly color the transition dialog.

Release 2.7.7 (Jira 7+)

Correct URL and name in identifier file

Release 2.7.6 (Jira 7+)

Fix workflow dialog bug and don't show defaults in Service Desk unless activated

Release 2.7.5 (Jira 7+)

Fix issue where JIRA doesn't refresh the Issue page correctly when another issue

Release 2.7.4 (Jira 7+)

Fix problem where an error on the page would reset to the default security

Release 2.7.3 (Jira 7+)

Fixed problem with background coloring

Release 2.7.2 (Jira 7+)

Fixed coloring issue that won't color Rich Text area on some instances

Release 2.7.1 (Jira 7+)

Fixed a bug the would not save the security for standard issues on some system

Release 2.7.0 (Jira 7+)

Support for Atlassian Labs Rich Text comments

Release 2.6.4 (Jira 7+

Fixed scrum/kanban colouring and defaulting problems

Release 2.6.3 (Jira 7+)

Fixed scrum/kanban inline comments (functionality has changed in latest release)

Release 2.6.2 (Jira 7+)

Added check to only display new security level if one is not already present

Release 2.6.1 (Jira 7+)

Fix double creation of security picker

Release 2.6.0 (Jira 7+)

Remove deprecated functionality used in Service Desk comment editing

Release 2.5.2

Fixed uncaught null pointer exceptions

Release 2.5.1

Fixed issue for Service Desk issues where the colour isn't set

Release 2.5.0

JIRA 7.2 compatibility and fix defaulting when attaching a file to a comment

Release 2.4.1

Service Desk transitions now have defaulted security

Release 2.3.1

Fix error when editing a Service Desk comment

Release 2.3.0

Defaults and Colouring now available in 

  • Dashboard Filter results gadget

  • All Views of the Project Issue filter/search

Changes only applicable to non Service Desk issues

Release 2.2.0

Added the ability to restrict access to Security Default function using groups

Release 2.1.2

Fix lock icon issue with Jira 6.3.x versions

Release 2.1.1

Fixed lock icon and defaults not working in standalone pages

Release 2.1.0

Jira 7.1.0 Compatibility

Release 2.0.0

Added basic security support for Service Desk, colorization fix

Release 1.9.0

Added coloring of comment fields to indicate if this is viewable to all users

Release 1.8.0

Compatibility with Jira 7

Release 1.7.1

Added Viewable to all for individual transitions

Release 1.7.0

Allow transitions to have a default of Viewable by all users.  This allows users to just override a few transition types by using the Additional per-transition defaults​

Release 1.6.2

Added defaulting for issue comments created using the '.' shortcut

Release 1.6.1

Fixed Project Admin permissions error in project screen

Release 1.6

The plugin now works on the Jira Agile (Greenhopper) screens

Release 1.5.1

Disallow duplicates transition and accomodate long transition names

Release 1.5

Added the ability to define per-transition defaults as well as​ an overall transition default

Release 1.4

Added comment security defaults for Assign Issue

Release 1.3

Added comment security defaults for transitions

Release 1.2

Fixed configuration Screen bug

Release 1.1

Force Role Selection if default is missing

Release 1.0

Initial Release.

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