SECURE ADMIN - Release Notes

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Release 3.1.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Jira 8.11 compatibility

Release 3.0.2 (Jira 7.6+)

Changed the redirect on a non-existent page to show the access denied message

Release 3.0.1 (Jira 7.6+)

Security fix

Release 3.0.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Allow access to be set for any sub-tab

Release 2.2.0 (Jira 7.2+)

Jira 8.8 compatibility

Release 2.1.2 (Jira 7.2+)

Fixed bug that hid re-indexing progress

Release 2.1.1 (Jira 7.2+)

Bug fix for the project issue collector pages

Release 2.1.0 (Jira 7.2+)

Allow for a custom message when access is denied

Release 2.0.2 (Jira 7.2+)

Fixed bug that hid the Project Workflow page

Release 2.0.1 (Jira 7.2+)

Fixed "$ is not a function" error that can occur in some Jira instances

Release 2.0.0 (Jira 7.2+)

Added Project Admin access control for delete, re-index and issue collector

Release 1.8.1

Fix bug where part of re-indexing page doesn't show for foreground re-indexing

Release 1.8.0

Added System -> Shared Filters to the sub-tab access section

Release 1.7.0

Added ability to allow access to System -> Audit Log

Release 1.6.1

Fixed visibility of indexing to include project indexing

Release 1.6.0

Added the ability to control access to System Indexing sub-tab

Release 1.5.0

Data center compatibility

Release 1.4.0

Jira 7.10 Compatibility

Release 1.3.2

Fixed problem where deleted users cause the configuration screen to not render

Release 1.3.1

Fixed intermittent error when showing the configuration screen

Release 1.3.0

​If a plugin appears as a top-level tab (at the same level as System, add-ons, issues ...) then you can now restrict access these pages

Release 1.2.1

Fixed bug that meant the plugin wouldn't work on some installations

Release 1.2.0

Added access for just the Services sub tab (under System)

Release 1.1.1

Fixed display problem when also using Email This Issue plugin

Release 1.1.0

JIRA 7 compatibility (includes being able to hide Applications tab for JIRA 7)

Release 1.0.3

Fixed Issue configuration layout problem where users wrap onto the next line

Release 1.0.2

Fix issue with Edit Post Function screen not showing

Release 1.0.1

Initial Release.

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